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Combating the Fentanyl Crisis: How Communities Unite to Save Lives

Diner to-go container with a Fight Fentanyl sticker on it, symbolizing support and unity in the fight against the fentanyl crisis in Monroe County

In recent years, the rise of fentanyl has cast a dark shadow over communities across the nation, including Monroe County, Pennsylvania. This powerful synthetic opioid, often mixed with other drugs like heroin, has resulted in a surge of overdoses and deaths, leaving families shattered and communities in mourning.

However, amidst this crisis, stories of resilience and action emerge, offering glimmers of hope in the fight against fentanyl. One such story unfolds in Monroe County, where Jennifer Weiss, a resident of Reeders, has turned personal tragedy into a powerful call to action.

Jennifer’s family experienced the devastating impact of fentanyl firsthand when her brother, Ben, succumbed to an overdose in August of 2018. Determined to prevent other families from enduring similar heartbreak, Jennifer and her family mobilized their community through their business, the Pioneer Diner in Mount Pocono.

Partnering with the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, Jennifer’s diner became a beacon of hope in the battle against fentanyl. By affixing ‘Fight Fentanyl’ stickers to take-out boxes, they sparked crucial conversations about addiction and raised awareness about the dangers of this lethal drug.

But Jennifer and her family are not alone in their efforts. The Arlington Diner in Stroudsburg has also joined the campaign, amplifying the message of awareness and support for those struggling with addiction.

Detective Kim Lippincott, representing the Monroe County DA’s Office, emphasizes the urgency of the situation. Fentanyl has become alarmingly prevalent, replacing heroin and leading to a surge in overdoses and deaths. However, through community-driven initiatives like the Fight Fentanyl campaign, lives can be saved, and hope can be restored.

As the Fight Fentanyl campaign gains momentum, the District Attorney’s Office aims to expand its reach to other businesses in the county, fostering a united front against this deadly epidemic.

In the face of adversity, Monroe County stands as a testament to the power of community resilience and collective action. Through collaboration, awareness, and unwavering determination, lives can be saved, and hope can prevail in the fight against the fentanyl crisis.

To read more about this inspiring initiative and learn how you can get involved, visit the link below:

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Let’s stand together and fight against fentanyl, because every life is worth saving.

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